Caroline Walker

Biomedical Visualisation

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Caroline is an enthusiastic Biomedical Communicator originally from the USA, now residing in the United Kingdom, fulfilling her passion to communicate the life and clinical sciences. 

Caroline is currently undertaking a fellowship at the University of Cambridge as a scientific animator and illustrator in the Department of Pathology. She began her journey to become a biomedical communicator in university, pursuing degrees in both the Fine Arts and Biological Sciences, while working as a scientific paleo artist and working in a microbiology lab. These diverse opportunities led her to study a Master's of Science in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy, at the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.  This renowned course focused on applying anatomical teaching and dissection to 3D modelling, animation, and application development. Caroline is excited about the impact that scientific visuals integrated with research can have on scientific communication globally.


CV available upon request